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Our coffee

Like true artisians, we prefer to hand roast beans on our “Turkish Beauty” the Yucel 15kg roaster. The process of coffee roasting combines science, art and our senses to create the well balanced unique flavours we love in coffee. Using “A” grade raw product, we roast green beans in batches of up to 15kgs. This small batch ensures quality, consistency and freshness each time.

Our original freshly roasted “Organic Hit’ blend brings together certified organic beans from 4 farms worldwide. Combined, a blend of complexity and flavour.

Our Swiss Water decaf coffee has been chosen for its chemical free production. The Swiss Water decaffination process, flushes caffeine from the coffee bean by the use of fresh water. For more info visit:


Organic Hit Coffee New Zealand

Our roasting

Our coffee is sourced to the highest standards to ensure great beans. After blending
our green beans our approach to roasting quality is based on two critical principles:
Flavour and Freshness.

How fresh is your coffee?


Our micro-roasting hand-crafted style is designed to produce our high quality blend, one that is full bodied, has intense flavour and has a high level of drinkability.
 We also quaIity check our roast quality for flavour weekly to ensure our unique blend tastes consistently great every time.


Once coffee is roasted, no amount of vacuum packing can stop the coffee from beginning to degrade within 10-14 days. That’s why we roast our coffee up to twice a week in small batches and dispatch customer orders immediately ensuring your coffee is fresh and delivered to you in good time.

The end result:

Fantastic fresh organic coffee beans for you to make awesome coffee.

Organic Hit Coffee
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